Over the past 30 years, I have worked and developed a professional, therapeutic relationship with you.  Often, many of you contact me after a long period of time for what you often refer to as a “tune up”.  I have always welcomed these occasions and appreciated your coming back to continue your previous work, add to it, or even do some more healing. 

Therefore, I am keeping my website up for a year extension, even though I am moving on to a different season of my life.  I am “taking my shingle down” and closing my practice for good, due to health issues with a beloved family member. It’s been a difficult decision, as you can well imagine, however, I’ve prayed about this and I am finally convinced that it is the right thing for me to do.

I am including a list of highly esteemed therapists with whom I am very familiar.  I have been in workshops and supervision groups with these therapists so I have first hand experience and knowledge regarding their skill level, their therapeutic degree of care and their professionalism.  If you are able to have a brief conversation with a few of them, before you select one, that might be very helpful.  

If you would like to email me, I can be a bit more specific with trying to help you chose the best match for you. I will not be available by phone or text, so my email would be most expedient.

I am forever grateful for the trust you put in me as we worked together. It was an honor and a privilege for me to have this opportunity.

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-Peggy Bolcoa, LMFT, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist

*In case of an emergency please call 911*